Victoria Aveyard - Red Queen

Victoria Aveyard – Red Queen

I don’t think I’ve had my heart played with recently as much as with this book. The dynamic of the love ‘quadrangle’ changed so dramatically and so often that I feared I might get whiplash. In a world where your status is determined by the colour of your blood; Mare, a lowly red blood, stands no chance in a world dominated by silvers. She doesn’t have long left until she’s due to be conscripted to the front...

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Review: Hillary Jordan – When She Woke

I know I’ve probably said this before a million times, but I am a sucker for a nice looking book. When I was walking around the Waterstones in Kendal (yes, I did drive all the way to the Lake District and end up in a book shop), this book jumped out at me straight away because of the red edges on the pages and the girl staring out at me from the front of the book. A quick read of the back of the book convinced me that it would probably be...

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