Rachel Held Evans – Inspired

I bought this book with my audible subscription after it had been on my Waterstones wish list for absolutely ages, but I slightly regret that decision now.

Not because the book was disappointing, in fact quite the opposite. The book was so good and there were so many times that the author said something that I wished I could have highlighted or noted but with an audiobook that’s impossible (especially if you’re reading while walking the dog). I wish I’d waited and bought this as a physical book so I could read and re-read the bits that spoke to me.

The book starts with Rachel asking the question ‘What does it mean that the Bible is inspired?’.

Each chapter starts with a re-telling of a story in the Bible which really brought it to life (and here actually is where the audio book came into its own, read by the author it really made the stories shine). I particularly liked the re-telling of Job as a live action role play, it really brought the story to life in human terms.

Evans fills the book with stories of her own personal doubts and wrestles with the way the Bible is interpreted in different churches and denominations and those personal stories really help to bring the book to life, just as the way she re-tells the Bible stories bring them to life too.

I really want to buy this book as a physical copy now so that I can highlight to my heart’s content, this was so enlightening.

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