Waddington International Airshow 2011

Yesterday was our annual day trip to RAF Waddington for the Waddington International Airshow. Frank couldn’t make it this time as he was walking in the Lake District, so it was just me and my Dad. It was an absolutely fantastic day. We arrived at 8am on the dot, but there were already crowds of people there, as usual. We found a place about half way down the crowd line, and set up our chairs at the front so we wouldn’t lose our place. A good job too because when the flying started the crowds were huge! The weather was glorious, and I am really suprised I didn’t get sunburnt like I did last year (although I can’t say the same about my Dad).

I would definitely say this was the best Waddington yet. Perfect weather, and fantastic displays made it an awesome day. I loved seeing the USAF Thunderbirds for the first time, and I was really, really glad to see the Vulcan take off for the first time (I’ve seen displays and fast taxis but never a take off). The sound is amazing.

Anyway, it’s quite late so I have added some (!) of my pictures. I will be adding more later this week, and also updating the descriptions on each of the pages with some more information about the planes and what I thought of the displays.

If you like my pictures, leave me a comment and let me know. If you took your own pictures, I would love to check them out, so leave me a link!


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