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HM2014 – 15th May

Well I reached over 11,000 steps yesterday, which is significantly higher than normal!

Before work I went for a very sunny walk around Yeadon Tarn. At lunchtime, I went for a quick walk around the block, and then since I needed to make a call to my insurance company, I took my phone outside and paced up and down while I was on the phone for an extra 600 steps!

After work I went straight up to Yeadon Tarn forĀ another walk around, and it was extremely warm! Lots of people walking around eating ice cream and making me very jealous!

I then persuaded Cameron that we should take Maestro up to Golden Acre for a walk, and that put me well over target! I burned so many calories that I could have eaten another 1,000 and still been under my target for the day, so I was feeling pretty good when I went to sleep!

HM2014 – 14th May

Well it looks like the weather may finally have turned! I went for a quick ten minute walk around the block at lunchtime yesterday, after which it proceeded to rain torrentially all afternoon. But by the time I left the office and got to Golden Acre, it was glorious sunshine, and it made for a very pleasant walk!

I’ve reached my step target of 7,500 per day both days this week, but unfortunately Cameron has done 10,000 each day, so I don’t think I’m going to beat him this week! I beat him last week though, which made me happy!

My walk around Yeadon Tarn this morning was similarly sunny. Very warm and it looks like the sunshine may be here to stay today, so I might even be able to get in two laps around Golden Acre tonight!


HM2014 – 13th May

Yesterday was not such a great day at work, but a great day diet-wise. My day started off with my usual walk around a very sunny Yeadon Tarn, which definitely woke me up! After having a meeting that ran halfway over lunch and then coming out of the meeting to torrential rain, I decided to skip the lunchtime walk in favour of being dry for the afternoon. So after work I went up to Golden Acre for my nightly walk. It stayed dry, but the grey clouds looked very ominous, so I walked quickly to avoid any potential rain!

After my walk, it was a quick trip to Morrisons to get ingredients for my lunches for the next week, which I then spent the next hour cooking. It’s basically the same sausage and vegetable pasta bake as last time, but with a curry sauce instead of tomato to change it up a bit. It smelt delicious, but I’d already had my shake so I couldn’t eat any, so let’s hope it tastes delicious today!

HM2014 – 8th May

Damn the rain! It’s been so miserable here the last couple of days, although that didn’t stop me from getting all my walks in yesterday. I started the morning with a 7am walk around Yeadon Tarn, which was pretty peaceful.

I then went out at lunch for a mile walk around the local park/housing estate. I must have been walking faster thanĀ I thought because when I got back to the office, not only was I soaked from the rain but I was also very hot! I also managed to turn the bar on the ‘steps’ graph on Fitbit to green, which I don’t do very often!

Then after work I went to Golden Acre for a walk around. I would have done two laps round, but the rain put a stop to that! Instead, I went home and walked on the spot for an hour while I watched TV, so I still got to my 10,000 steps goal!

My morning walk around Yeadon Tarn this morning was not pleasant. I don’t know if I overdid it a bit yesterday, but the tops of my feet were really hurting when I was walking. Hopefully a slower stroll around Golden Acre tonight will help. It is pretty cool to watch the planes taking off on a morning though, even if some idiot has scrawled graffiti over all the signs round the lake!

HM2014 – 7th May

Well yesterday was my first ‘off-day’. Although saying that, according to Fitbit I was bang on target for calories, so I guess it wasn’t that off, but I’ll let you decide for yourself!

The day was supposed to involve a trip into Leeds to walk around and do some shopping, but after spiralling up 18 floors of the multi-story car park and not finding a single space, we decided to drive to Manchester and go to the Trafford Centre instead. After a lunch at Nando’s, which I kept to quite a low calorie limit by swapping the chips for a delicious bowl of ratatouille (108 calories instead of 400+ calories), we walked around all the shops and finished on a step total of just under 5,000.

Fountain at the Trafford Centre

I think I’ve pushed Cameron to the limit with all the walking that I’ve made him do over the last few days, and he really wasn’t in the mood to go out for another walk, so we decided to just stay at home for the evening. And since there was nothing in the fridge, we treated ourselves to Dominos.

And boy do I wish I hadn’t. I spent the entire night feeling uncomfortably full, and woke up this morning feeling with an extremely upset stomach. Not to go into too many details, but this morning has definitely taken the shine off the Dominos last night. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again!

But to make myself feel better, I’ve just been for a 2000 step walk this morning before work to kick-start the day, and I’ll make sure I get in plenty of steps today and drink plenty of water and I’ll be feeling back to normal in no time!

Yeadon Tarn - 7th May 2014

Red sky in the morning, Shepherd’s warning

I’ve kinda been slacking on my morning walks recently, which is definitely reflected in my average daily steps on Fitbit. It’s really hard to make it to target when you stay sat on your backside! The sky was vividly red this morning though, a brilliant welcome back, and an excellent motivator to get back out there tomorrow!

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