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HM2014: Day 23

Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. That’s all I hear while I’m walking, because my right shoe is starting to fall apart. And today it kind of hit the final straw while I was walking. I could feel it rubbing my foot as I was walking, but didn’t think anything of it until I got home and took my shoes and socks off and saw an angry red blister on the side of my big toe joint. I now can’t even put my shoes back on because it rubs so much. I’ve put a blister plaster on which will hopefully heal it pretty quickly, and I’m going to go shopping for a new pair of shoes after work tomorrow.

Apart from the blister though, I did enjoy my walk tonight. I was feeling pretty lethargic for the first half, but once I’d had some fresh air I felt much better and power-walked the second half. I’d already done a 2,000 step walk before work this morning, so today is my second consecutive 10,000 step day!!

I finished off my night by doing a few exercises with my kettlebell. I need to find some videos online to make sure I’m doing it right, but it does seem like fun!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,754
Calories burned: 3,133
Steps taken: 10,202
Active minutes: 31

HM2014: Day 22

So if you’re following my blog, you’ll probably notice there’s been a bit of a lull in these posts. I’ve been feeling absolutely awful these last couple of weeks, so I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been trying my best to stick to my diet, although it’s gone a bit quiet on the exercise front. I’m starting to feel better now, so I’m going out again for my nightly walks (with hopefully some morning and lunchtime ones thrown in), and I’m going to gradually work in some other exercise too.

Tonight I went for a walk after work, up to the top end of Pudsey and back around again, I think it worked out at about 7,000 steps. I then went shopping at Tesco with Cameron, which got me up to about 9,200 in total. I couldn’t stop so close to 10,000, so I ran on the spot until I got there! Cameron called it cheating, but hey, I was doing the movement, I just wasn’t going anywhere!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,666
Calories burned: 3,270
Steps taken: 10,196
Active minutes: 25

As a bonus for today, here’s a picture I took looking over what I believe is one of the old railway bridges at the top end of Pudsey, I thought the lights looked really pretty.

Pretty nighttime lights in Pudsey

Recent Pictures – Golden Acre, Fountains Abbey and others…

I need to get better at keeping up to this, so there’s a few posts rolled into one here. As part of my new year ‘get fit’ resolution, I’ve been going to the gym for about 90 minutes five times a week. On one of the other days, Cameron and I have been going out for walks at various places. It started off at Golden Acre Park, followed by Harewood House and Roundhay Park. We found out that it only costs £20 a year to join the Scottish National Trust, but membership of the Scottish National Trust gives you access to all the English places too, so we visited our first National Trust place (Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal) this weekend. We’re hoping to visit many more this year, but the fresh air is great, and it’s a cheap day out (if we remember to pack up a picnic)!

It was also my Mum’s birthday yesterday, so if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you’ll see some pictures from the meal that we went out for. I’ll definitely try to keep up to this better so there’s no quite so many pictures next time!

Golden Acre

Roundhay Park


Fountains Abbey

Mum’s Birthday


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