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Review: George R. R. Martin – A Storm of Swords: Blood and Gold

George R. R. Martin - A Storm of Swords: Blood and GoldWow wow wow wow wow!

(Be warned, this post contains spoilers. If you haven’t read this far yet, click away now!)

Somehow, these books keep getting better and better. If I hadn’t had to go to work, I could have carried on reading all day, I was so enthralled in what was happening. There have been more twists and turns in this book than any so far, and plenty of times when I’ve wanted to throw my iPad against the wall because I was so appalled at what Martin had done to my favourite characters.

No more so than when I read the Red Wedding. If I wasn’t on my lunchbreak sat at my desk in a busy office I could have cried when Robb and Catelyn died. And when it looked like poor Arya would never get away from the hound, I had all my fingers crossed that she’d eventually be free. I could go on and on about all the times when I dismayed at Martin’s choices, but we’d be here all day!

I am glad though that I’m finally starting to warm to Daenerys. I always found myself reading her chapters without the same level of involvement as all the rest, but I don’t feel quite that way anymore, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what happens when her dragons are full grown.

I would love to make some guesses about what is going to happen in the next book, but I honestly don’t think there’s any point. The series is so unpredictable that I’d almost certainly never be right. But whatever happens, I just know that it’s going to be just as much (if not more) of a page turner than the last four. Even if it is almost 800 pages long!


Review: George R. R. Martin – A Clash of Kings

20140628-081516-29716722.jpgWell I actually started reading this book last year, right after I started reading the first book, but I got a little overwhelmed and gave it up. But I was ready for it this time. My dad bought the set on Kindle last year, so I signed in with his kindle account on my iPad so I could read the books without carrying them around. No need to fill my handbag with an 800 beast!

Rather than start from the middle where I gave up last time, I decided I’d be better reading it from the start, and I’m glad I did because there was a lot of stuff that I’d forgotten about. As you probably know, Game of Thrones is kinda epic, with a lot of characters involved. At first this can be quite overwhelming, but you get used to it quite quickly.

I did have favourite characters and characters whose chapters I looked forward to reading, the main three were Arya, Bran and Tyrion. And while I liked the whole book, I didn’t like the chapters of Catelyn or Daenerys as much. From seeing the trailers from the latest TV series (4, I think), I know that Daenerys is supposed to become a very strong character, so maybe she’ll grow on me. I’m holding off on watching any of the TV programme until I’ve read all of the books so I don’t spoil it for myself!

I liked the fact that in the book you don’t always see things first hand, so you might only find out that something major has happened to one character through the conversation of another. This caught me out late in the book when I thought one of my favourite characters had died, and I spent the next few chapters panicking that it was true and praying it wasn’t!

I have to say, I have no idea how one person can imagine a story quite as epic as this, I’d love to see what was going on inside Martin’s brain when he dreamt up this story. Can’t wait to crack on with book three now!

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