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Rodley to Apperley Bridge on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal

It rained massively yesterday (as you can probably see from my pictures), but when I woke up this morning I could see glorious blue sky out of my window (I really need to hang my blinds back up again!). I decided that I couldn’t really waste such beautiful weather, so I went for a walk along the canal from Rodley to Apperley Bridge and back, just over 5 miles in about 2 hours.

The blue sky was slightly deceptive since it was still absolutely freezing with a very brisk wind, but it made for a lovely walk. I just about managed to avoid a sponsored walk which was happening along the canal at the same time as my walk, I just spent the last mile weaving in and out of them all walking the other way. Definitely a walk I would do again, so much more peaceful than walking along the roadside.

Holiday Day 2 – Skipton Castle

Today we decided to invite my parents and my grandma up to Skipton to take them out for lunch, so that my grandma could enjoy the sunshine. Then Vicky decided to come home from Sheffield for a few days so she came along too and it was a nice family day out. As they didn’t arrive until lunch time, Cameron and I decided to go to Skipton Castle in the morning. Neither of us could remember going there before and it was actually quite interesting. It’s 900 years old, and one of the oldest castles with the roof still intact. It cost £7 to get in, which I think was a bit steep, but it was a very enjoyable couple of hours, even if we did feel like we were going to fall down the spiral staircases, and even if Cameron forgot how tall he was and banged his head on a low door.

After the castle, we met my family for lunch at the Devonshire Arms in Skipton (a Wetherspoons pub), and then after a walk along Skipton high street, we all came back to the caravan to sit for a drink in the sunshine. Perfect.

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