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HM2014 – 7th May

Well yesterday was my first ‘off-day’. Although saying that, according to Fitbit I was bang on target for calories, so I guess it wasn’t that off, but I’ll let you decide for yourself!

The day was supposed to involve a trip into Leeds to walk around and do some shopping, but after spiralling up 18 floors of the multi-story car park and not finding a single space, we decided to drive to Manchester and go to the Trafford Centre instead. After a lunch at Nando’s, which I kept to quite a low calorie limit by swapping the chips for a delicious bowl of ratatouille (108 calories instead of 400+ calories), we walked around all the shops and finished on a step total of just under 5,000.

Fountain at the Trafford Centre

I think I’ve pushed Cameron to the limit with all the walking that I’ve made him do over the last few days, and he really wasn’t in the mood to go out for another walk, so we decided to just stay at home for the evening. And since there was nothing in the fridge, we treated ourselves to Dominos.

And boy do I wish I hadn’t. I spent the entire night feeling uncomfortably full, and woke up this morning feeling with an extremely upset stomach. Not to go into too many details, but this morning has definitely taken the shine off the Dominos last night. I don’t think I’ll be doing that again!

But to make myself feel better, I’ve just been for a 2000 step walk this morning before work to kick-start the day, and I’ll make sure I get in plenty of steps today and drink plenty of water and I’ll be feeling back to normal in no time!

Yeadon Tarn - 7th May 2014

HM2014 – 2nd May

Yesterday didn’t involve another walk around Golden Acre Park, but instead I went shopping at the White Rose Centre with my best friend Abi. We actually did more walking than I would have done at Golden Acre though, we went in a lot of shops! Rather than doing what we would usually do and go out for dinner, which usually means at least 2 courses and a hell of a lot of calories, I had my shake before we went instead.

I had to use my restraint when I got home too when my brother phoned up and asked if I wanted him to buy me anything from McDonalds. Usually I would have got an apple pie or a McFlurry, but I resisted. I think there’s something about drinking the shakes which makes me feel like if I eat more than I should, it’d just be a waste of time not eating proper meals in the first place, so they definitely still seem like a good idea for the time being!

Since I don’t have any relevant pictures for you today, here’s a funny picture I found when browsing the ‘fitness’ section on Pinterest, which tickled me a fair bit!


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