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Review: Nick Russell – Big Lake

The first few pages of this book did absolutely nothing to entice me into reading it. I like a book to pull me in and have me hooked from the very beginning, but the start of this book just felt… Continue Reading →

Review: Melissa Foster – Traces of Kara

For about three quarters of this book, I really wasn’t feeling it at all. I hate giving up on books before the end because even if a book is terrible, I need to know how it all ends. Plus, sometimes… Continue Reading →

Review: Michael Wallace – The Devil’s Deep

This was book 3 in my ‘9 killer thrillers’ set from Amazon, and it was just as enjoyable as the rest, although unlike anything I’ve read before. The plot was very different to the others in the set, not really… Continue Reading →

Review: Claude Bouchard – Vigilante

I really didn’t have high hopes for this book, for two reasons. Firstly, it was a part of the ‘9 books for 74p’ bundle that I bought on my kindle. Secondly, the latest reviews on Goodreads seemed to suggest that… Continue Reading →

Review: M. J. Rose – The Halo Effect

Morgan Snow is a sex therapist. Cleo is a prostitute, catering for high end clients with a lot of money. Cleo has been seeing Morgan for some time, to try and discuss the problems with the relationship with her fiance,… Continue Reading →

Review: Celina Grace – Hushabye

I’m really getting into the crime genre now. However, unlike my previous two books, this was a straightforward crime book set in the UK, not a chick-lit/crime book set in the southern states of America. This book also had a… Continue Reading →

Review: Denise Grover Swank – Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

After the intense focus required by my last book, I needed something a little easier on the mind. Scrolling through my list of kindle books, I saw this, something which looked like a cross between the typical chick-lit and a… Continue Reading →

Review: James M. Cain – Double Indemnity

Well, it turns out that I was a little confused between Double Jeopardy and Double Indemnity, so the slight idea that I had about this book was completely wrong! Whoops! In any case, the book was very good even if… Continue Reading →

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