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HM2014: Day 4

Well today I went from feeling a little tickle in my nose when I woke up, to my nose running like a tap by dinnertime, and all my energy was gone. So today was an involuntary rest-day from Maracattack. I did, however, go for a walk at Brimham Rocks with Cameron, which I think probably burnt more calories that my Fitbit said, since we were scrambling up and over rocks and it was damn bloody cold!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,468
Calories burned: 2,935
Steps taken: 5,515
Active minutes: 4

HM2014: Day 3

I was aching so much today that I was tempted to skip Maracattack. After all, I did walk more today than yesterday. But then I realised that was just an excuse that the old me would have made, so I sucked it up and put on the DVD. It felt horrible while I was doing it, but I felt much better when it was over, knowing that I’d done it.

I walked more today than yesterday, although not as much as planned. We’d planned to take a trip up to Brimham Rocks, but it was raining and horrible, so we spent most of the day shopping for curtains for my room, involving 3 trips back to the same shop! Tomorrow we’re going to go for a walk whether it’s raining or not; Brimham Rocks or Nostell Priory if it’s nice weather, and Leeds Museum or Bradford Industrial Museum if it’s raining.

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,697
Calories burned: 3,608
Steps taken: 6,453
Active minutes: 45

HM2014: Day 2

20140103-212124.jpgDay 2, complete! Maracattack was much harder today because my muscles were aching so much from yesterday, especially when it got to the abs section. The side planks are an absolute killer! But I made it through to the end again, kind of. Because the steps in the routine change so quickly, it’s hard to keep up with what you should be doing. And sometimes they don’t show Miranda’s modified version until you’re already supposed to be halfway through, which isn’t ideal! But when I get lost, I just improvise, any movement has to be better than none!

After tea tonight I went for a quick walk down to asda and back. I say quick, it really was. It was lashing down with rain and very windy so I couldn’t wait to get back inside. It didn’t help that part of my route was down a long dark alley, which was populated with a group of what I shall politely call ‘youths’. As I started walking down the alley, they started following me, so I upped my speed to get away from them and back to streetlights as quick as possible!

Not a bad day in all though, stuck to my diet plan again, with space for 2 of my lovely thorntons chocolates that I got for Christmas. The box is going to last ages at this rate!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the picture today is of my maraca substitutes, the Zumba toning sticks which came with my Zumba DVDs. They sound just like maracas and are slightly weighted, perfect for the job!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,583
Calories burned: 3,253
Steps taken: 5,083
Active Minutes: 53

HM2014: Day 1

Well after a chat with my boyfriend, I’ve actually decided to blog daily instead of weekly. I just feel that if I blog weekly, there’s loads of chances for me to deviate from the track, whereas if I’m blogging every day, it keeps me accountable. I think blogging on a night before bed will be better than morning, cos I have been known to stay in bed quite late on weekends, and I’d probably forget!

20140102-210817.jpgSo here’s today then!

I’ve just finished my first attempt at Miranda Hart’s Maracattack. On the DVD, there’s a 5 minute warm up, 20 minute cardio session, 5 minute high intensity session and 10 minutes each for arms, core and legs & bums. I did all of it except the high intensity section, since it involved a lot of jumping, and my room is in a creaky attic above the bedroom of my sleeping dad!

At first I thought I was going to hate it because I couldn’t keep up with the moves in the cardio section, but I think that’s probably because it was the first time I’d done it and I didn’t know what was coming next. I thought the legs and bum section was bad with all the squats and lunges, but the core section was killer! I had to take a breather halfway through the crunches, when I didn’t think I’d be able to keep my legs in the air any longer! All in all though, it was a good workout. I’ll carry on with it this week and see if I get any more coordinated at the cardio section!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,531
Calories burned: 3,130
Steps: 2,827
Active Minutes: 42

Day One, Fresh Start, New Beginnings and All That Jazz…

So here it is, day one of my mission 2014. It would have started yesterday, but it was Cameron’s annual family New Years Day party, and I was expecting a lot of food. Boy was I right, I think I must have eaten half a pig in roast gammon, roast pork, sausage rolls and pork pie. But from today onwards, healthy healthy healthy.

I took my first set of progress pictures this morning, and although I said before I was going to post them, I’ve chickened out, I’m just too embarassed. I also had my first weigh-in of the year, and since I haven’t had a working set of scales for the last month and since I’ve way over-indulged over Christmas, the number wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Still bad though. Very bad. So here it is, day one:

02/01/2014 - 125.4lbs to go

I think first up tonight is clearing space in my room, and going shopping to buy all my food for the week. Much cheaper than online programs like Diet Chef, and much easier to stay on track.This week’s exercise DVD of choice will be Maracattack (Miranda Hart’s exercise DVD), but I’ll also be clipping on my Fitbit and trying to do as much walking as I can, if I can manage to escape from work for an hour each lunchtime. I’ll be checking back in next week to let you know how I get on shaking my maracas!

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