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Review: Rachel Schurig – Three Girls and a Leading Man

Rachel Schurig - Three Girls and a Leading ManI have to say, this was definitely the most disappointing book of the series. Having read Three Girls and a Baby from Ginny’s perspective and Three Girls and a Wedding from Jen’s, I was right about Three Girls and a Leading Man being all about Annie.

But for some reason, I just couldn’t click with Annie. She seemed to be constantly whiny and wrapped up in herself, and she just wasn’t a pleasant character to read. I found myself continually wanting to slap her round the face and tell her to snap out of it!

The book starts off with all the main characters jetting off on a trip to Las Vegas, which seemed completely random and not really tied into the book, apart from the fact that it was where she met Nate. And since he lived in Detroit anyway, it seems like she could have just met him there and saved a load of pages for the part of the story that we actually wanted to read, namely their on-off romance.

Then finally once they get back to Detroit, it seems like Annie’s self obsession is destined to keep her alone, just how she thinks she wants it. But as a reader you know better and you’re screaming at the book telling her not to be so stupid.

Typical chick-lit, I’m sure I don’t need to give you three guesses as to the ending, although Annie does make some decisions that are a bit surprising.

The book did provide me with a lovely quote though. I’ve not had many stand out quotes recently since I’ve been reading mostly crime books, but I thought this was beautiful.

“Being with someone is not a burden, not when you’re right for each other. We don’t hold each other back. We make each other better.”

Having just looked online, I can see that there are a couple more books added to the series since this bowser was compiled, so I may have to give them a try, but not until I’ve made a bit more headway into my ‘to-read’ pile which seems to be growing forever longer!


Review: Beth Labonte – What Stays in Vegas

Beth Labonte - What Stays in VegasI seem to be getting through Kindle books faster than regular books recently, mostly because I can read them on my lunch break at work without getting a million questions about what I’m reading and suggestions for what I should read next. Don’t get me wrong, I love finding new books, but my ‘to-read’ list is longer than I care to admit to.

Tessa is having a bad day. Sent to deliver some documents and an hour away from the office in the worst weather, she gets a phone call to say that actually, although she is now halfway there, the documents don’t need sending after all. And to make matters worse, when she returns to work, she’s summoned to her boss’ office with no idea what he wants. But her day takes a turn for the better, and she finds out she’s been sent from her dreary office in Boston to the office in Las Vegas for a three month maternity cover post by personal invitation of Kendra Stoltz, the head of the Vegas office.

Tessa is quite apprehensive about leaving. She’s had a crush on Nick, a guy in her office, for such a long time and even though he is now married, she thinks that his marriage might be on shaky ground leaving a gap open for her to pick up the pieces. But when she gets to Vegas, she finds that Kendra has gone all out to make her feel welcome; a fancy hotel suite, well stocked bar, and a corner office with a fabulous view of Vegas. And to top it off, Tessa hits it off with Chris, one of the guys in the office next door.

But we know that things never run smoothly in these books, and Nick turns up at Tessa’s hotel, ruining things with Chris. And Kendra is going off the rails too, leaving Tessa to try and keep things on track. But can she succeed? Well I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that I was quite pleasantly surprised.

All round, it was quite a good book. It definitely kept me turning the pages, but I didn’t feel too much connection to the characters to pull me in and make me care about what happened. Not bad for a free book though.


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