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Review: Jana DeLeon – Louisiana Longshot

Fortune Redding is for all intents and purposes an international super-spy, jetting off on missions all around the world. But when her cover is blown on a mission in the middle east, and it looks like the leak was from… Continue Reading →

Review: Nicola May – Star Fish

I’ve read a few other Nicola May books before and I’ve had a bit of a mixed bag really, loving a couple of them, and not really getting along with the others. This is the last one that I had… Continue Reading →

Review: A.R. Wise – 314

I hadn’t really intended on reading this book, but I forgot to take Harry Potter to work with me today, so I downloaded a free kindle book to kill the time before work and my lunch break. I didn’t think… Continue Reading →

Review: Jane Costello – All The Single Ladies

This book was read in Kindle format over many quick lunch breaks at work, usually during the 20 minutes it takes me to eat my lunch before I’m back at work again. As you can probably tell from the title,… Continue Reading →

Review: Nicola May – Better Together

I was quite disappointed with this book. I couldn’t relate to the main character, she seemed very flighty and changed her mind way too many times for my liking. Everything in the book seemed too ‘convenient’; Jess would change her… Continue Reading →

Review: Nicola May – The School Gates

After the success of the last Nicola May book, I decided to download her other three books from Amazon, they were all less than £1.50 on Kindle so I figured it was a bit of a bargain! The first one… Continue Reading →

Review: Louise Douglas – Missing You

This is beginning to become a bit of a habit, another book bought on Kindle because it was cheap. It feels kind of like I’m cheating on my books, but I made a new year’s resolution to stop buying more… Continue Reading →

Review: Hilary Boyd – Thursdays in the Park

This book was an impulse buy after I got a free kindle book credit from Amazon. It was a very limited selection available so I decided this one was the best of the bunch. I actually quite enjoyed it, it… Continue Reading →

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