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Review: Jeff Wheeler – The Scourge of Muirwood

Well what a stonking way to finish off this series. At the end of the last book, Lia has figured out that she is the real Ellowyn Demont, heir of Pry-ree. And this means that she needs to make the trip to Dochte Abbey to give the warning about the coming blight. But it looks like the fake Ellowyn Demont has been corrupted by the Hetaera, and will do anything she can to stop Lia from accomplishing her goals, and more importantly, from getting to Colvin.

We still have a little moping in this book from Lia about how she wants to be with Colvin, but she seems more determined to seal her own fate and go and grab what she wants. And even when it looks like it might be too late for her, she still doesn’t get downhearted, instead choosing to trust implicitly in the medium and the path that has been predetermined for her.

Lia’s journey from Muirwood to Dahomey is perilous and fraught with danger, but Lia fits well with her new found Maston status, and with the help of some unlikely companions, she’s able to deliver the warning that she needs to. But it doesn’t seem like even that is enough, as she still finds herself being led into a fire for not converting to the hetaera.

Of course, the book doesn’t end there. Lia is so powerful with the medium that she truly believes that the medium will protect her and lead her through to accomplish what has been pre-defined for her. And yes, there may be a little element of happily-ever-after right at the end. But I didn’t mind that, because Lia was kick ass and didn’t rely on a man to help her to save Muirwood.

I loved the characters in the book. They were so well developed through books one and two that some things left you completely floored. But because you feel like you know the characters so well, you feel such a connection to how the story will end, and it kept me flipping pages again and again until it was over.

One thing I will say about my experience with this book was that I found it much easier to read it than to listen to it. I don’t know if it was just because there was so much going on, or maybe I just wasn’t in the zone, but I found myself missing out on important nuances in the text when I was listening to it. Probably just me though!

I really enjoyed reading this book, and I do like the way that the story was left open at the end to give an opportunity for further books down the line. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for them!


Review: Jeff Wheeler – The Wretched of Muirwood

Well after my last disastrous foray out of the fantasy world, I decided to jump straight back in with the first in this series of books which was supposedly one of the top books in the ‘kindle unlimited with narration’ section.

I did enjoy listening to this book, the narrator did several accents and definitely not in a cringeworthy manner like the last book. There were times when the rhythm of the speech seemed a bit jilted and more like a computer voice, but this didn’t happen too often to become distracting.

In Muirwood, a wretched is the worst, most unfortunate person you can be. Unlike an orphan who has lost both their parents to death, a wretched is someone who was abandoned by their parents to live a lowly life of servitude. Lia works in the kitchen of the aldermaston, toiling every day to prepare food for the abbey. All she dreams of is learning to read and write, but this is something that will never be possible for a mere wretched.

But when a wounded man is carried into her kitchen by a knight Maston, Lia’s quiet world is turned upside down. The powers that she has to reach the medium are not normal, and become vital to help this wounded man protect Muirwood, and herself. Along the journey, she learns a lot about herself, and about her world in general. As a wretched, she’s never left the abbey grounds, so it’s an experience being out so far from home. And not one she’s particularly fond of, with the sheriffs men hot on her heels.

But why do they want her so badly? And can she and Colvin achieve what they need to?

I loved the storyline to this book, a young girl so desperate to read and write that she’ll go on such a treacherous quest. I found Colvin very hard to like. Such a surly character who is often abrupt and even rude to Lia. Hopefully he’ll be back for the next book with a sunnier disposition.

The book seemed quite short, although it’s supposedly 300 pages long, maybe the traffic jams to work and back were longer than usual, the narration is definitely a good distraction!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how this series develops through books 2 and 3, it’s very promising so far.


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