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Giovanna Fletcher - Always with Love

Giovanna Fletcher – Always with Love

After reading Billy and Me while I was in hospital, I was so glad that I’d already purchased the sequel so that I could read it straight away. I loved Sophie and Billy’s story and was desperate to know what happened next for their relationship.

After deciding at the end of Billy and Me that they’re going to spend some time living in Rosefont Hill away from the press intrusion and the distractions of Billy’s celebrity life, their lives are turned upside down yet again when Billy is offered a part in a film which would he simply can’t say no to (and not just because of his mother’s meddling!).

Sophie’s life was recently turned upside down by the death of her closest friend Molly, and she has the cafe to think about now that she owns it, so she can’t just drop her life and jet to LA to be by Billy’s side, but they’re both unsure about whether their relationship can withstand the distance.

And when Molly’s son Peter comes back from Australia, and when it seems like Billy is being tempted back into his party lifestyle, it seems like they might have been right.

I have to say, as much as I loved Sophie and Billy’s relationship in Billy and Me, I think my favourite relationship in this book is Sophie’s Mum Jane and her fiance Colin, as they prepare for their wedding. They’ve both lost their first partners, and the way that they’re healing each other of terrible grief just warmed my heart completely.

I won’t say too much more to spoil the story, although I will say I was delighted with the magicalness that was Jane and Colin’s wedding in the closing chapters of the book, it was as perfect as I thought it would be!

My favourite quote from this book came right at the end, and I read it a few times as I just loved it so much:

“Love makes the world a better place and I want the life I lead to be the one that’s driven always with love.”

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves an enthralling romance, just make sure you’ve read Billy and Me first!

My rating: 5/5Average rating: 4.32
400 pages. Published in: 2016
Read in Paperbackon 8th-13th June 2016
Giovanna Fletcher - Billy and Me

Giovanna Fletcher – Billy and Me

I’ve been following Giovanna Fletcher on Twitter and Instagram for quite some time, but never got around to reading her books. But as I was still in hospital when I finished reading Me Before You, I decided to buy this on Kindle to keep me occupied.

And a good decision it turned out to be! I worried a little at the start as the writing style seemed a bit simplistic, but this improved throughout the book and I soon didn’t notice the writing style at all as I was completely enveloped by the story.

Many chick-lit books seem to focus on people trying to find their way into the limelight with a famous partner, but in Billy and Me, Sophie doesn’t even realise that the guy she’s fallen for is famous, and she most definitely doesn’t want to be the centre of attention.

Sophie has had a troubled past which led to her cutting herself off from the world, and she has trust issues that make it hard for her to open up completely to Billy. And when his next acting job requires him to get ‘up close and personal’ with his gorgeous ex, it seems that Sophie just can’t handle it, especially when Billy seems to have no consideration for her feelings.

I have to say, the flow of the book was great. I was swept up with the romance of Sophie and Billy’s relationship, and had no problems identifying with Sophie and feeling the huge range of emotions that she goes through.

One thing I didn’t expect though was the major plot twist towards the end of the book. To just drop something so huge on us (no spoilers here), without any prior warning was a major shock. I actually sat with tears rolling down my face as it unfolded, not wanting to read the inevitable, but unable to stop turning the pages.

Great job Giovanna, I’m so glad that I bought the sequel already so I don’t have to wait eagerly to find out what will happen next for Sophie!

My rating: 4/5Average rating: 3.95
352 pages. Published in: 2013
Read in Paperbackon 1st-8th June 2016

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