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Am I turning into a crazy cat lady? Maybe…

My aunt went back to her house in Crete this week, so me and Cameron moved temporarily into her house to look after her cat Jessica and her dog Ben. Last time we stayed over, Jessica pretty much just ignored us (as cats are wont to do), but this time she was friendly as anything, very happy to come and give us cuddles. Ben was on his best behaviour too, and we had an awesome week having a house to ourselves for a change, good practice for when we finally save up enough money to buy a house together!

Looking back at the photos on my phone that I’ve taken this week and I think it’s possible that I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady, but I don’t care, they’re just too cute!

Fun with Maestro at Golden Acre Park

The weather was so lovely when we got up this morning that we decided to take Maestro for a walk around Golden Acre Park. Unfortunately, a lot of people had the same idea, so it was extremely busy! The sun was rather deceptive as the place was still extremely muddy from all the rain recently, and as I was walking over the grass towards the lake, I ended up on my knees in the mud. I wish I could say that I had been pulled over by Maestro, but Cameron was holding him, I just wasn’t paying attention!

After we got home from the park, Maestro was still full of beans, so we tired him out in the garden playing fetch and making him run around like a loon!

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