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Review: Milly Johnson – It’s Raining Men

Milly Johnson - It's Raining MenIt’s been some time since I last read a Milly Johnson book, but I recently started following her on Twitter and I found out that her latest book came out on the 1st August (with a launch at Meadowhall which I really wish I could have gone to). I’d usually wait and go out to buy it in paperback, but this weekend the kindle version was discounted to 99p on Amazon, so I decided to buy it there and then and cracked on with reading it.

I had to seriously slow myself down to stop from staying up until 3am and reading the entire thing in one go. The storyline of the book initially seemed to be quite predictable, three best friends all having relationship problems go on holiday and meet three brothers, all differently charming (well sort of, in a way), and lo and behold, they all fall in love and live happily ever after.

But I forgot that this was Milly Johnson I was reading, and she’s definitely not predictable. Every chapter had a new surprise waiting for you, which is partly the reason I couldn’t stop reading. And the strange character of Raine, who is not quite the lovely old lady that you initially think, created a lovely fairytale element to the story which was unbelievable at first but then brought everything together perfectly.

I was shocked when at (what I thought was) the end, Lara, Clare and May all leave Ren Dullem and it seems like everything you wished would happen has been left behind. But then I turned the page (or rather, pressed the screen), and there were 3 more chapters left!

The town of Ren Dullem (Reine de la Mer) sounded like the perfect place to go on holiday, a lovely Yorkshire seaside town, if a little strange, with hardly any women and shunning anyone from the ‘outside world’. And the house they stayed in with the hidden underwater lagoon sounded like perfection. If only it was real, I would be staying there like a shot!

I have to say, the end of the book was everything I hoped it would be, although not what I imagined would actually happen. I think the book would make a perfect film, and I really hope that there will be a sequel!! Time to dig out my old Milly Johnson books for a re-read!



Review: Helen Warner – RSVP

Helen Warner - RSVPThis book was a bit of an impulse buy; I knew I wanted to buy Drive, but it was three books for a fiver, so I had to make a pretty quick decision about which other two to pick. So, I’m not ashamed to say that I reverted to my old tactic of picking the books with the nicest covers, and I loved the pale blue colour on this one.

As the cover says: Four women, One Wedding, Who will say yes? Which turns out to be a good question. There’s Rachel, the bride to be. Anna, the heartbroken ex who has never truly let go. Ella, the scheming ex-friend who hasn’t really changed. And good old Clare, Anna’s best friend, and the only one not vowing for Toby’s love.

As you can probably guess, the eventual bride is not poor Rachel, although she seems to get over him pretty quickly in the end. The course of true love doesn’t run smoothly for Anna or Clare either, although you never feel annoyed by them, they’re not whiny or pathetic (for the most part). The only character I didn’t warm to was Ella. She wasn’t good at uni, and she seemingly hasn’t changed.

I loved the layout of the book; in the beginning we are jumping around over the last 15 or so years, but each time jump is clearly marked in the book so it never feels like you’re losing track of where you are. And then when we get to the big day, everything comes together, and the book then continues in the present tense. Even though the book flipped between the four women, it was still easy to get involved in the story and the characters, and there was no loss of connection.

I was very pleased with how the book ended; in typical chick-lit style, it seemed like everyone got their happy ending, although I won’t spoil it for you by telling you who the lucky bride was. Definitely enjoyed this book, and it was read much faster by the bank holiday sunshine and sitting out in the garden.


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