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Finally Free!

If you’re family, or if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve been in hospital for the last 3 and a bit weeks. I’d had stomach pains for a couple of weeks when it got so bad that I went to A&E.

I was convinced they were going to send me home with indigestion tablets and tell me off for wasting their time, but it turns out I had acute pancreatitis! After two weeks in hospital attached to numerous drips and doped up on morphine, I was well enough to have my gall bladder removed, and I then had to stay in hospital for another week for further tests.

I was so happy to be free, that I managed to get out of the house at the weekend to spend a couple of hours with Cameron’s Auntie Julie and Uncle David on Saturday, and a couple of hours with my Aunty Ann today. Definitely in need of the painkillers that I’m currently relying on, I can’t believe how tired and in pain I am right now!

We’re Engaged!!

So I have exciting news for you, Cameron took me away for a few days at the beach in Scarborough, and while we were there, HE PROPOSED!

It was such a great weekend, obviously, and I still can’t stop smiling and looking at the gorgeous ring!!

I took absolutely loads of photos, but here’s a small selection for you 🙂

Day out at The Tetley

As we had half a day off work to go and see Chicago at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, since Cameron bought me tickets for Christmas, we decided to take Cameron’s mum and Auntie Julie out for a nice lunch at The Tetley in Leeds. And delicious it was too, just as good as last time we went there!

IMG_20160406_150630 IMG_20160406_150435 IMG_20160406_150300 IMG_20160406_150142

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

The snow is finally melting  and the sun is out, it feels pretty warm outside! I accidentally told Cameron that I’d be picking him up at half 9, even though the rest of my family aren’t coming round until later, so we went for a little walk around Golden Acre Park. It was pretty muddy with all the snow melting, and the lake was still frozen. Still, even though it was pretty sunny, I probably should have taken a coat because it was a bit chilly!

Leeds German Market in Millennium Square

I’ve been having a tough couple of weeks at work, so when I had a day off yesterday (although not the original 2 and a half that I had planned), Cameron took me into Leeds for lunch and some Christmas shopping. I’ve never been to the German Market before, so that was our first stop. I’m not sure why I’ve never been as it sets up in Millennium Square every year, but I really loved it. I had to reign myself in to stop from spending all my money, but I could seriously have spent a fortune. I did buy a couple of lovely presents for my Mum, although I’m not sure how authentically German they are.

After we’d been around the market, we had lunch at the Cuthbert Broderick (Wetherspoons) in Millennium Square before setting off into the centre of Leeds to do some last bits of Christmas shopping. I’d already bought all my presents so it was mainly for Cameron, but I still ended up spending way too much money! It was extremely windy and very cold, but thankfully there was no rain or snow, so it was a really awesome day. It really helped take my mind off everything for a little while.

Anyway, here’s a few snaps of the German Market, only iPhone pics as I didn’t even think to take my camera with me.


Bonfire Night

A few pictures from an awesome night at Cameron’s house last night for his annual bonfire party. Amazing food cooked by his mum and his aunt, an awesome fire and lots of really cool fireworks. Although a couple of misdirections which were pretty scary, but it was great to have a few glasses of wine with Cameron’s family and stay warm round the fire.


Bakewell (Home of the Tart)

Not wanting to waste the lovely hot weather, Cameron and I went for a day trip to the Peak District yesterday, deciding on Bakewell. I’d been there a couple of years ago with Vicky and it was really nice, so worth a re-visit. All the way there, it looked quite miserable outside, cloudy and occasional rain. But the temperature on my car still said 22 degrees, so we had the air-con on quite cold. Getting out of the car in Bakewell was like walking into a sauna, it was so humid! Not that we should complain, at least it’s not torrential rain and thunder storms like a couple of weeks ago. Typical English, complaining about the weather.

We had a picnic and a walk around the town, finished off with an ice cream in the park. Then a meandering drive home followed by a yummy sunday carvery to wind up the day. I definitely hope the sunny weather lasts for a few more weeks, although less humidity would be nice. We are going to see my Uncle in Bristol next weekend for the bank holiday. It’ll be Cameron’s first time visiting so it should be good fun! And Cameron is on my car insurance now, so I’m looking forward to being chauffeured around. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of pictures when I get back, but in the meantime, here’s some pictures of sunny Bakewell (and not a tart in sight*).

*For my American followers, a bakewell tart is not a culinarily talented yet inappropriately dressed lady, but an almond flavoured dessert originating in the aforementioned lovely Derbyshire village of Bakewell:


New Favourite Picture!


Me and Cameron at his Graduation – 17th July 2012. Even though Vicky says I look like I’ve been let out on day release, and my parents said I look like a midget, it’s still my new favourite picture!

Scarborough and Whitby – Typical English Weather!!

When I realised that the Jubilee would give us two bank holidays in a row I decided to take the rest of the week off work. Cameron finished his final exams at uni a couple of weeks ago, so I booked us a little holiday as a celebration.

We stayed at the Premier Inn in the centre of Scarborough, and the room was much much better than the hotel I stayed at in London. Air conditioned room, big modern bathroom and a really comfy bed. A lot of people on Trip Advisor had complained about the noise in the hotel, and although our room was right on the roundabout, it wasn’t really much of an issue. The fact that the hotel was so central was good for walking into Scarborough, but did mean that the hotel didn’t have its own car park and we had to pay to park in the council car park across the road.

When we got there on Thursday we went for a walk into Scarborough, along the front and to the end of the pier, and then back along to the other end of the front and up the South Cliff Lift, which is apparently the first funicular railway in the UK. We managed to avoid the rain on Thursday, getting back to our hotel and down to the restaurant before the heavens opened. Unfortunately, it didn’t really stop raining for long after that.

We went to Whitby on Friday and got completely drenched. Although I’ll blame that on Cameron for leaving his brolly in the hotel room. Sharing an umbrella with someone who is about a foot taller than you guarantees that you are going to get soaked. When we got back to the car, I took my shoes off and tipped a puddle of water out of them. I’m glad that we bought the first series of Game of Thrones at Morrisons on the way so we had something to do in the rain.

But even though we had a lot of rain, it was a fantastic holiday. It was awesome to get away from work and family for a few days and just chill out, and to spend a few days with Cameron after living in different cities for so long! I just hope that next time we get some better weather…


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