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Review: Mitch Albom – The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I’ve just finished this book and it was fantastic! It was quite a sad book, but one that definitely made you think. The book is about 83 year old Eddie, who works on Ruby Pier, a seaside fairground. One of… Continue Reading →

Now Reading: Mitch Albom – The Five People You Meet in Heaven

This is the second of the books that my cousin Hannah lent me. After the disappointment of my last book, I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy this one more, and can use it to get back on track on my reading… Continue Reading →

Review: Daniel Tammet – Born on a Blue Day

I want to give a big thank you to Hannah for lending me this book because it was fantastic, one of the most interesting and well written biographies I have read in a long time. The book is about Daniel… Continue Reading →

Review: Alastair Reynolds – Century Rain

When Mike lent me this book, he thought that I might not like it, but it actually turned out to be my favourite of the four books. I have definitely found a whole new genre of books that I will… Continue Reading →

Now Reading: Alastair Reynolds – Century Rain

This book is a sci-fi book (borrowed from Mike), which will be another change for me, I’ve not read much sci-fi before. It looks quite interesting though, I always used to be quite interested in sci-fi tv programs, but somehow… Continue Reading →

Review: Gabriel García Márquez – One Hundred Years of Solitude

Well, this is probably going to be a shorter review than usual. It’s not often that a book takes me this long to read, and it’s been quite a while since I found it so hard to get involved in… Continue Reading →

Now Reading: Gabriel García Márquez – One Hundred Years of Solitude

Now onto the third of the books that Mike leant me. I have high hopes for this one, it looks really interesting, and I’ve heard good things about it. There’s a quote on the front from Salman Rushdie which says:… Continue Reading →

Review: John Fowles – The Collector

I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book after I read the description, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even though it was kind of creepy, and definitely not a book I would have bought for myself in a… Continue Reading →

Now Reading: John Fowles – The Collector

I’m now starting the second of my borrowed books (thanks Mike!). It sounds a bit weirder than the last one, the description on the back of the book says: … a nutty clerk captures and holds the art student he… Continue Reading →

Now Reading: Sam Savage – Firmin (Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife)

Now that I’ve finished the Lily Bard series that my parents got me for Christmas, it’s time to change it up a little bit. Mike has lent me a few books to read, so that has me sorted for the… Continue Reading →

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