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Review: Alexandra Potter – Who’s That Girl

alexandra-potter-whos-that-girl-e1335208148559This book was about a girl from Yorkshire who moved to London when she was younger to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. Her dream hasn’t gone quite to plan, but she’s not done too bad, moving through a succession of rubbish jobs until she ends up starting her own PR company. By the time we meet her, the PR company is very successful, and she’s just courting a big new client from America to get the contract to handle his UK launch.

I could tell from the book that we’re supposed to feel sorry for Charlotte with the stress that she’s under, and the trouble in her life (like her crappy boyfriend and her supposed allergies to pretty much everything), but I just didn’t feel that. To me, the book felt like one complaint after another from a stuck up, spoilt girl who’s completely lost touch with reality. I spent most of the book wishing she’d shut up whining and just get on with what you know was going to happen in the end anyway (i.e. fall in love with the ‘nice guy’ and live happily ever after).

The storyline of the book is supposed to be that she somehow meets her 21 year old self, and realises that she can change the course of her life by influencing her actions of 10 years before. The book does manage to keep a tenuous grasp on reality in that everything she tries to change manages to fail and ends up happening just as it was going to anyway. But this storyline felt like it wasn’t even necessary to the book and wasn’t very well developed. Most of the drama (and complaining) came from when she was her 31 year old self, so the whole “I’ve met my 21 year old self” part of the book was just like a distraction.

As you can tell, I didn’t really enjoy this book, although I read it through to the end because I don’t really like to leave a book half finished. A definite 1/5 rating for this book, which is a shame because I really liked the last book I read by Alexandra Potter.


Now Reading: Alexandra Potter – Who’s That Girl?

alexandra-potter-whos-that-girl-e1335208148559I read another of Alexandra Potter’s books before Christmas and I remember not being able to put it down. I just wanted to keep reading until it had finished.

I think that a good book should pull you in completely and make you feel almost as if you’re watching a film or living out the story yourself, and Alexandra Potter (from what I’ve read) seems to be able to do this. I’m looking forward to seeing if this book delivers in the same way – it only has a rating of 3.64 on Goodreads, so hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

Now Reading: Alexandra Potter – Be Careful What You Wish For

photo-9The last book I read was typical chick lit – totally predictable with a little twist in the middle, but great all the same – just what I would expect from Belinda Jones. I’ve read a lot of books recently that are a bit different from my normal style, so it was nice to get back to something a little bit easier to read for a change.

And I’m carrying that on with the next book I’m reading – Be Careful What You Wish For by Alexandra Potter. I actually started it yesterday and I recognised the first 10 or so pages, so I think it must  be one of the books I’ve started in the past that I just didn’t get into and left for later. I’ve got a bit further now though and it seems quite good so far. After this I think I’m going to give Anna Karenina a try, so this will be a nice laid-back book beforehand. Although saying that, I had a lot of books on my Christmas list, so if Santa is nice to me, I may have a lot of books jumping to the top of my reading list!

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