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Walking off with the White Sox season?

Last night was one of the rare occurences where a White Sox game starts early enough for me to watch all of it. Although now I kind of wish I didn’t! It was looking so promising, a 3 run homer by Alexei, then back to back jacks by De Aza and Morel. But typical of this year’s White Sox season, we still managed to give up an 8-1 lead and lose 9-8 on a walk off home run by Miguel Cabrera.


It had to be against the Tigers too, moving us to 7.5 games back, and 1 game back of the Indians. It’s gonna be a struggle to make anything of this season I think, but at least we have now seen some promising young talent coming up from Charlotte and proving themselves better (at least for now) than some of the multi-million dollar contracts on the team. That said, I’m not giving up hope until that ‘E’ appears on the standings.

Chris Sale

There was also a 36 minute rain delay in the game last night – although how it went from 98° to torrential rain, I have no idea. Seeing fans scurrying from their seats to run for cover while the umpires let the game carry on was pretty amusing – although I can’t imagine it’s much fun for the players when they are getting absolutely soaked.

So Long Edwin and Mark…

The trade deadline is coming up rather quickly this year (Sunday at 9PM). I thought that we might slip through without any major moves this year, especially with the payroll being so high, but I got home from work today to the news that we traded Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen to Toronto, in return for Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart. I’m still not 100% sure about the move. Jackson and Teahen were never my favourite players on the team, but they have been pretty good (despite the injuries to Teahen), and I’ll need to have a look at some stats before I make a decision about Frasor and Stewart. It will be nice to have Frasor as another arm in the bullpen to help out Jesse Crain, and it also looks like Stewart will make it to the big league club at some point this year.

The best news today was that we brought up  Alejandro De Aza from Charlotte. First at bat, 2 run homer! Not a bad first impression. We seem to be going in the right direction after the All Star break, and catching up quickly to the top of the division – I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do…


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