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Recipe: Sweet Potato and Sweetcorn Soup

On our bank holiday day out to Skipton in the typical English bank holiday weather of drizzle, drizzle and more drizzle, we escaped the rain into WH Smiths for a while. I was browsing through the cook books and I… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 22nd July

Well at first, I stopped writing the blog posts even though I was carrying on with my healthy mission, but that very quickly turned into not being healthy either. I had the wake up call I needed yesterday when I… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 15th May

Well I reached over 11,000 steps yesterday, which is significantly higher than normal! Before work I went for a very sunny walk around Yeadon Tarn. At lunchtime, I went for a quick walk around the block, and then since I… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 14th May

Well it looks like the weather may finally have turned! I went for a quick ten minute walk around the block at lunchtime yesterday, after which it proceeded to rain torrentially all afternoon. But by the time I left the… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 13th May

Yesterday was not such a great day at work, but a great day diet-wise. My day started off with my usual walk around a very sunny Yeadon Tarn, which definitely woke me up! After having a meeting that ran halfway… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 12th May

Well this weekend has been pretty quiet, but I haven’t been on my PC, hence why there hasn’t been a blog post. But don’t worry, I’ve been sticking to it. I woke up early on Saturday morning and took a… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 9th May

The rain made my walk last night very miserable. It poured down all the way around Golden Acre and I was soaked by the time I’d finished! But at least I got my steps in for the day! Today’s post… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 8th May

Damn the rain! It’s been so miserable here the last couple of days, although that didn’t stop me from getting all my walks in yesterday. I started the morning with a 7am walk around Yeadon Tarn, which was pretty peaceful…. Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 7th May

Well yesterday was my first ‘off-day’. Although saying that, according to Fitbit I was bang on target for calories, so I guess it wasn’t that off, but I’ll let you decide for yourself! The day was supposed to involve a… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 6th May

Yesterday was the first day this week that I managed to get over 10,000 steps! To start the day, we went to Beningborough Hall, a National Trust property near York. Twinned with the National Portrait Gallery, they had an exhibition… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 5th May

Another good day yesterday, stuck to my food plan pretty well, shake for breakfast, a sunday dinner from Morrisons Cafe for lunch and a jacket potato and salad for tea, definitely under my calorie limit! Before tea, we went for… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 4th May

Since everyone else is saying it, I might as well join in, so May the Fourth be with you! I did well yesterday. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be as strict with the ‘two shakes a day’ regime… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 3rd May

Well yesterday was definitely not what I expected! I’d had a pretty good day at work, stuck to my food choices and everything and was just heading to the white rose centre for a hair cut and a walk to… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 2nd May

Yesterday didn’t involve another walk around Golden Acre Park, but instead I went shopping at the White Rose Centre with my best friend Abi. We actually did more walking than I would have done at Golden Acre though, we went… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 1st May

Another day down, another day successful. I went for another walk around Golden Acre last night, although this time I was on my own and without Cameron. It was really nice to get in a good walk and just to… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 30th April

Yesterday was another good day. I had a massive headache at work, but a walk around Golden Acre Park with Cameron in the evening pretty much cleared that up. I always seem to get headaches when I start to drink… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 29th April

Well after one day, it seems to be going okay. I’ve realised that I definitely prefer the chocolate shakes to the vanilla ones, but I have three tubs of each so I’ll have to chop and change until they’re all… Continue Reading →

HM2014 – 28th April

Well I kinda suck at this don’t I? I may as well have just not bothered at all at the start of the year since I’ve pretty much undone all my hard work, and probably some more. But I’m not… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 49

Well I didn’t want it to happen, but these last few weeks, I’ve been way off track. Things have been happening in my personal life that have made me comfort eat way more than I should, and I kinda gave… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 23

Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. That’s all I hear while I’m walking, because my right shoe is starting to fall apart. And today it kind of hit the final straw while I was walking. I could feel… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 22

So if you’re following my blog, you’ll probably notice there’s been a bit of a lull in these posts. I’ve been feeling absolutely awful these last couple of weeks, so I haven’t been blogging. I’ve been trying my best to… Continue Reading →

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