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Happier Me 2014

HM2014: Day 8

Well I finally feel like I’m on the mend, so hopefully by the weekend I will be back on form. Busy day at work today so I didn’t have chance to get out at lunch for a walk. Once I’m… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 7

Eurghhh. Feeling rubbish again today, although I had to go back to work for meetings. My step count was slightly higher than yesterday, but I still felt too rubbish for pushing myself hard for an hour with my maracattack. I… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 6

Well I was off work ill today and spent most of the day lying in bed, so I didn’t get much walking done at all, or my fitness DVD. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better tomorrow so I can get off… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 5

I woke up this morning feeling even more rubbish than yesterday, so I knew I wouldn’t be doing my DVD. But I managed to stick to my diet plan, which is something of a success, so hopefully I will be… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 4

Well today I went from feeling a little tickle in my nose when I woke up, to my nose running like a tap by dinnertime, and all my energy was gone. So today was an involuntary rest-day from Maracattack. I… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 3

I was aching so much today that I was tempted to skip Maracattack. After all, I did walk more today than yesterday. But then I realised that was just an excuse that the old me would have made, so I… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 2

Day 2, complete! Maracattack was much harder today because my muscles were aching so much from yesterday, especially when it got to the abs section. The side planks are an absolute killer! But I made it through to the end… Continue Reading →

HM2014: Day 1

Well after a chat with my boyfriend, I’ve actually decided to blog daily instead of weekly. I just feel that if I blog weekly, there’s loads of chances for me to deviate from the track, whereas if I’m blogging every… Continue Reading →

Day One, Fresh Start, New Beginnings and All That Jazz…

So here it is, day one of my mission 2014. It would have started yesterday, but it was Cameron’s annual family New Years Day party, and I was expecting a lot of food. Boy was I right, I think I… Continue Reading →

Biting the Bullet

Well I’ve thought about writing this post many times, but I’m finally biting the bullet. The last two years I’ve been trying to lose weight and I’ve had my Dad doing it with me for motivation, losing about 40-50 pounds… Continue Reading →

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