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HM2014 – 5th May

Another good day yesterday, stuck to my food plan pretty well, shake for breakfast, a sunday dinner from Morrisons Cafe for lunch and a jacket potato and salad for tea, definitely under my calorie limit!

Before tea, we went for a walk around Roundhay park, about 2.6km in total. It was a lovely walk, just late enough in the evening for the temperature to be cooling off and it got us about 4,500 extra steps for the day! It’s a bank holiday today so we’re not at work, but we just need to figure out somewhere to go for a walk that isn’t insanely busy!

HM2014 – 4th May

Since everyone else is saying it, I might as well join in, so May the Fourth be with you!

I did well yesterday. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be as strict with the ‘two shakes a day’ regime on a weekend because it’s not fair on Cameron if we can no longer eat out, so I’m just going to have the weekend as an eating healthy time, and have the shakes if I’m at home.

So yesterday my day started off with a trip to the White Rose Centre to get my hair cut, which also involved a McDonalds breakfast (my bribe to make Cameron get out of bed early to come with me!). I had a bagel with Philadelphia cheese, which is less than 20 more calories than the shake. After the hair cut, we had a little walk around the shops to get some steps. Then there was a trip to Tesco (and a Subway salad for lunch) followed by a trip to Morrisons to get the ingredients for a pasta bake tea, all of which left me at about 4000 steps. I know that’s not enough for the day, so I decided to go up to Golden Acre for a walk.

It was only when I stepped out of the car that I realised I’d left my fitbit in my other trousers on my bedroom floor. I was so annoyed! I know that it’s still exercise, but knowing that I’d do all the walking and not get to my 5,000 step target for the day was very annoying! I sent a tweet about it, and Fitbit’s fantastic support team sent me a message back explaining how to add the walk manually. I was so happy!!

While we were there, we saw more squirrels than I’ve ever seen there at once! And one of them was so tame, it came right up to us, touched it’s nose to Cameron’s shoe and then bashfully ran away.

Squirrel at Golden Acre

HM2014 – 3rd May

Well yesterday was definitely not what I expected! I’d had a pretty good day at work, stuck to my food choices and everything and was just heading to the white rose centre for a hair cut and a walk to get my step count up.

It was pretty bad traffic since it’s a bank holiday weekend and I was queuing down the hill when I heard two loud bangs and then all of a sudden my car was shunted forward. Turns out that a Volvo three cars back hadn’t seen the cars stop and crashed into the Mazda in front of him, causing everyone else to shunt forward.

I wasn’t hurt and thankfully since I was at the front, my car wasn’t damaged too badly, but I ended up stood at the roadside for over an hour and a half while the police came out and dealt with everything. So embarrassing to get breathalysed at the side of a busy road, but there’s got to be a first time for everything I guess!

After I’d got home, I spent an hour on the phone to the insurance company arranging repairs to my car, so that was my evening almost completely gone. I’d not had any tea yet and wasn’t in the mood for a shake and very tempted to go to McDonalds to get a big burger, but I compromised and went to subway and got a yummy salad bowl. Probably slightly more calories than the shake, but I think I deserved it after my nightmare evening, and at least I resisted the call of Old McDonald!

I’ve got four days off work now, so hopefully I’ll be able to stick to my eating plan and also get plenty of walking in since I’m not tied to my desk!

Car Accident!Car Accident!

Car Accident!Car Accident!

Car Accident!

HM2014 – 2nd May

Yesterday didn’t involve another walk around Golden Acre Park, but instead I went shopping at the White Rose Centre with my best friend Abi. We actually did more walking than I would have done at Golden Acre though, we went in a lot of shops! Rather than doing what we would usually do and go out for dinner, which usually means at least 2 courses and a hell of a lot of calories, I had my shake before we went instead.

I had to use my restraint when I got home too when my brother phoned up and asked if I wanted him to buy me anything from McDonalds. Usually I would have got an apple pie or a McFlurry, but I resisted. I think there’s something about drinking the shakes which makes me feel like if I eat more than I should, it’d just be a waste of time not eating proper meals in the first place, so they definitely still seem like a good idea for the time being!

Since I don’t have any relevant pictures for you today, here’s a funny picture I found when browsing the ‘fitness’ section on Pinterest, which tickled me a fair bit!


HM2014 – 1st May

Another day down, another day successful. I went for another walk around Golden Acre last night, although this time I was on my own and without Cameron. It was really nice to get in a good walk and just to sit outside in the fresh air in the peace and quiet and relax after a hard day at work.

I admit, I did spend a little too long watching a family of little ducklings that were swimming around the lake. They seemed a little less shy than yesterday and were happy to swim around near me while I took some pictures.

My fitbit seems to be giving me a very high calorie allowance this week, to say I’ve only been doing 5,000 steps a day. Like yesterday, I ate 1,360 calories, but it said I could eat 800 more. And while it would have been nice to wolf down some chocolate or crisps or something, I’m taking it with a pinch of salt and sticking to eating sensibly!

As a bonus for today, here’s a video of some very cute ducklings!

HM2014 – 30th April

Yesterday was another good day. I had a massive headache at work, but a walk around Golden Acre Park with Cameron in the evening pretty much cleared that up. I always seem to get headaches when I start to drink more water than usual, I don’t know if anyone else has that problem?

Before we went on our walk, I’d already had my chocolate shake for tea, but Cameron hadn’t had anything to eat, so we stopped off at McDonalds on the way home. It was hard to sit there drinking a diet coke while he ate all the lovely smelling food, but I resisted ordering anything, so that’s a bonus! Especially since I have a bunch of vouchers for free apple pies, and we all know how delicious McDonald’s apple pies are, even if they are hotter than the sun!

The walk around Golden Acre is about 2500 steps, so I think it’s a good one to try do more often now that it’s lighter on an evening. It’s nice to spend time just walking and talking rather than sat at home in front of the tv ignoring each other too! I think next time I’ll take my proper camera with me, I took some pics this time with my phone but what’s the point of spending all that money on a camera and then always using my phone instead?!

HM2014 – 29th April

Well after one day, it seems to be going okay. I’ve realised that I definitely prefer the chocolate shakes to the vanilla ones, but I have three tubs of each so I’ll have to chop and change until they’re all finished – definitely chocolate all the way after that though! I expected to be hungry mid morning and late evening, but surprisingly I wasn’t, the shakes filled me up more than I thought they would!

You may have seen the recipe I posted yesterday, but I spent a good hour last night batch-cooking a big sausage and vegetable pasta bake which will be my lunch for the next 6 days. It smelt so good while it was cooking, but I’d already had my chocolate shake for tea so I was good and only had a button mushroom to taste the sauce, and the rest was portioned away and frozen.


I’m actually excited for my lunch now, so much better than a Morrison’s ready meal; much less sugar and salt, plus I love cooking, so that’s another bonus!

The only dark spot is that I weighed myself this morning for the first time in a long time and I think I’m now higher than I have been this year, the last few weeks have not been good! But I’m not going to weigh myself again for at least a week and just concentrate on eating well and feeling better.

HM2014 – 28th April

Well I kinda suck at this don’t I? I may as well have just not bothered at all at the start of the year since I’ve pretty much undone all my hard work, and probably some more. But I’m not going to mope on it, and instead I’m going to start kicking some ass again.

I know it’s not the ideal thing to do, but to get myself kick-started again I’ve decided that for a while I’m going to start having meal replacement shakes for breakfast and tea as these are the two meals where I tend to go way off track, stopping at Subway or Costa or even McDonalds on the way to work for breakfast, and just eating whatever is in the fridge for tea.

Since my dad has not been well and because my mum and brother are usually working on an evening, that leaves me on my own for tea. Cooking for one is quite hard to stay disciplined with and not exactly cheap, and with no-one there to see what I’m eating, it’s not always good! So I feel like this might get me going again. I’ll be having a well balanced lunch at work like I usually do, and some healthy snacks thrown in too.

I also need to get out on my feet more too. I’ve been coming home from work and settling down with a good book rather than going for my usual hour walk. I’m going to have to be strict with myself and get back out there to get my steps up. It would be really nice if I could for once have a higher weekly step total than my boyfriend. I’ve given up on beating my brother since he walks about 13 miles a day for work and I sit on my backside at a PC for 10 hours a day!

So here’s my current inspiration from Pinterest:

Pinterest Get Fit Inspiration

HM2014: Day 49

Well I didn’t want it to happen, but these last few weeks, I’ve been way off track. Things have been happening in my personal life that have made me comfort eat way more than I should, and I kinda gave up on going out for my evening walks in favour of lying in bed watching tv.

I may write a blog about what happened when I’m not feeling so raw, but I made myself a promise this morning that I’m going to be good to myself again. There’s no point treating myself badly by eating crap and not exercising, it’s not going to make me feel better. In fact, it’s actually making me feel pretty cruddy, I’m lethargic all the time.

So while my blogging may not be daily for a while yet, I’ve committed myself to get back on track so I can feel better about myself and life in general.

My current favourite motivational pic from Pinterest:

Don't Quit!

HM2014: Day 23

Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. Squeak. Step. That’s all I hear while I’m walking, because my right shoe is starting to fall apart. And today it kind of hit the final straw while I was walking. I could feel it rubbing my foot as I was walking, but didn’t think anything of it until I got home and took my shoes and socks off and saw an angry red blister on the side of my big toe joint. I now can’t even put my shoes back on because it rubs so much. I’ve put a blister plaster on which will hopefully heal it pretty quickly, and I’m going to go shopping for a new pair of shoes after work tomorrow.

Apart from the blister though, I did enjoy my walk tonight. I was feeling pretty lethargic for the first half, but once I’d had some fresh air I felt much better and power-walked the second half. I’d already done a 2,000 step walk before work this morning, so today is my second consecutive 10,000 step day!!

I finished off my night by doing a few exercises with my kettlebell. I need to find some videos online to make sure I’m doing it right, but it does seem like fun!

Stats for today
Calories eaten: 1,754
Calories burned: 3,133
Steps taken: 10,202
Active minutes: 31

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