Finally Free!

If you’re family, or if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll know that I’ve been in hospital for the last 3 and a bit weeks. I’d had stomach pains for a couple of weeks when it got so bad that I went to A&E.

I was convinced they were going to send me home with indigestion tablets and tell me off for wasting their time, but it turns out I had acute pancreatitis! After two weeks in hospital attached to numerous drips and doped up on morphine, I was well enough to have my gall bladder removed, and I then had to stay in hospital for another week for further tests.

I was so happy to be free, that I managed to get out of the house at the weekend to spend a couple of hours with Cameron’s Auntie Julie and Uncle David on Saturday, and a couple of hours with my Aunty Ann today. Definitely in need of the painkillers that I’m currently relying on, I can’t believe how tired and in pain I am right now!

We’re Engaged!!

So I have exciting news for you, Cameron took me away for a few days at the beach in Scarborough, and while we were there, HE PROPOSED!

It was such a great weekend, obviously, and I still can’t stop smiling and looking at the gorgeous ring!!

I took absolutely loads of photos, but here’s a small selection for you 🙂

Day out at The Tetley

As we had half a day off work to go and see Chicago at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford, since Cameron bought me tickets for Christmas, we decided to take Cameron’s mum and Auntie Julie out for a nice lunch at The Tetley in Leeds. And delicious it was too, just as good as last time we went there!

IMG_20160406_150630 IMG_20160406_150435 IMG_20160406_150300 IMG_20160406_150142

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a day as fun as mine!

Christmas for me started off opening presents yesterday evening as I spent today at Cameron’s house and my mum wanted us to all open our presents together still. Christmas Eve finished with Midnight communion at Church with my Mum and Auntie Ann. Then up this morning for some breakfast (chocolate of course), before back up to the Church for the morning service. I’ve never been to Church on Christmas Day before, but it was fantastic. Starting off Christmas Day celebrating the real meaning of Christmas with the loveliest people. It was a great service as always; you know it’s going to be fun when it starts with ‘A long time ago, in a Galilee far, far away’.

After leaving Church, we came back to Cameron’s house to open presents. It’s the first time I’ve ever not been at home for Christmas Day, and it was a massive change of pace to go from 12+ people to only 4. But it was really nice having a quieter house for a change, and I received some lovely and thoughtful presents. The next few hours were spent watching Cameron assemble his new Lego train set, before a huge and delicious Christmas dinner prepared by Cameron’s Mum.

After dinner, there were 4 hours of watching the glee on Cameron’s face as he set the train set up on the dining table and drove it round and round and through obstacles and causing crashes (some deliberate, some definitely not!). A perfect day, I love seeing other people so happy!

I’m about to finish off the day with some quiet reading and contemplation before a well deserved rest. I hope you all had a great time filled with family and fun too!

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

It’s very very late, but today my sister and I took my mum out for a belated birthday/mother’s day out. The weather has been really sunny and warm all week, so it’s bloomin’ typical that today it would decide to be cloudy and miserable. When we walked down to the Abbey and sat down to start our picnic and it started raining, I wanted to scream!

Thankfully the rain didn’t last too long, but the clouds did stay around all day, until we got in the car to go home that is! But we did have patches of sunshine and we did manage to sit and eat a windy but dry picnic, so it wasn’t too bad!

In the end, I walked just over 10,000 steps as we walked the loop from the Abbey to the tearooms at Studley Royal and back again, stopping on the way for a cuppa and a nice (huge) slice of flapjack of course, a visit to a NT property wouldn’t be complete without tea and cake!

Packwood House

After visiting Croome and driving a bit further up the motorway, the plan was to visit Hardwick Hall, south of Sheffield. But we spent so long looking around the lovely Croome that we realised we’d get there about 15 minutes before it closed so we had to change our minds!

After a quick search on the National Trust app on my iPad (which works wonderfully offline), we settled on Packwood House instead. Very closed to Baddesley Clinton which we visited on our last holiday, it was quite lovely. Smaller than the other houses we’ve visited this week, but still large! When I was walking around, I was imagining it as somewhere Elizabeth Bennet would have lived in P&P, whereas the houses we’ve been visiting were more like Darcy’s Pemberley.

The house had a lovely lake in the garden which gave us a nice walk and some fresh air before the final leg of our journey home. A wonderful end to a wonderful holiday!


Today was our drive back to Leeds from Bristol, and rather than break up the journey with service stations, we decided to break up the journey with a couple of National Trust properties instead. The first was Croome.

We didn’t realise until we turned up that the property was undergoing major restoration so was completely enclosed in scaffolding. But they’d put some interesting artwork on the scaffolding unlike when we visited Castle Drogo, and they still had a lot of interest inside the house, including an exhibition about shoes!

It was an absolutely beautiful sunny day, perfect for a walk along the new trail through the woods from the visitor centre and church at the top of the hill to the house at the bottom. Much better than stopping at Tamworth Services as we usually do!

Chedworth Roman Villa

This was a slightly longer drive away from Bristol than I had anticipated, and a lot of small narrow country roads, my idea of driving hell. But it was interesting to be walking around a place that was built about 1,700 years ago, it’s baffling to even consider how old that is. Especially when you consider that they had underfloor heating! If only! And the tiled mosaics that they’ve preserved are fantastic.

I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy this as much as walking around a lovely period house, but it was a good day out all the same. There were coach-loads of primary school children while we were there, I imagine they would love it if their history lessons are anything like ours were in Primary school.


For the next trip of our holiday we decided to go to Tyntesfield. Alan had been there a few times before and loved it, but we’d never been. It was a beautiful house inside and out, and the gardens were lovely. But by far my favourite part about the entire day was the chapel. Never consecrated due to arguments with the local church, but absolutely stunning. So so beautiful and unbelievable that it was built as a family chapel, so ornate!

Once we’d walked around the house and down to the cafe and gardens at the bottom (along with a lovely cuppa and slice of cake in the cafe), Alan and Vicky took the minibus back to the car park at the top of the hill, while Cameron and I spent the next half hour with a leisurely walk back up, soaking up the sunshine, which was bright and beautiful, just like Tyntesfield.

I’d highly recommend a visit to this stunning property!

Am I turning into a crazy cat lady? Maybe…

My aunt went back to her house in Crete this week, so me and Cameron moved temporarily into her house to look after her cat Jessica and her dog Ben. Last time we stayed over, Jessica pretty much just ignored us (as cats are wont to do), but this time she was friendly as anything, very happy to come and give us cuddles. Ben was on his best behaviour too, and we had an awesome week having a house to ourselves for a change, good practice for when we finally save up enough money to buy a house together!

Looking back at the photos on my phone that I’ve taken this week and I think it’s possible that I’ve turned into a crazy cat lady, but I don’t care, they’re just too cute!