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100 Book Reading Challenge

100 Book Challenge? – It Definitely Was!

Well I set my self a lofty total of 100 books in 2012, which turned out to be a little too high. I made it to 67, but I’m still quite happy with that. I started off the year with… Continue Reading →

Review: Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol

I’m quite ashamed to say that I have never read this book before – the only way I actually knew this story was from watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol film each Christmas, but I’d never actually read the proper story…. Continue Reading →

Review: Olivia Goldsmith – Uptown Girl

This is another kindle book, read on my phone whenever I’ve had a spare few minutes. It takes quite a while to read books this way, but it’s better than the crap I would be reading if I was just… Continue Reading →

Review: Eowyn Ivey – The Snow Child

I almost have no words for this book, but here’s a few that spring to mind: beautiful, enchanting, haunting and captivating. The book is set in 1920’s Alaska. Jack and Mabel moved to Alaska with the dream of setting up… Continue Reading →

Review: Charlaine Harris – Deadlocked

I’d somehow managed to convince myself that I’d already read this book, so every time I’ve seen it in Waterstones I’ve just ignored it. But last week I realised that I’d not actually read it yet, so I had to… Continue Reading →

Review: Pittacus Lore – I Am Number Four

I’d watched this film last year, ashamedly for no other reason than I liked the main actor, Alex Pettyfer. But when I watched it with my brother and my dad, I realised that I really liked it and I wanted… Continue Reading →

Review: David H. Martinez – The Book of Baseball Literacy

This book was quite a change from my last one and I was undecided about whether to include it in my ‘100 books’ as it most definitely a non-fiction book rather than a novel. But, I am 25 books behind… Continue Reading →

Review: Anna Sewell – Black Beauty

This is another book read using the kindle app on my phone. I have to say that it is definitely quite useful to always have a book available, like when I had to wait in the hairdressers for ages while… Continue Reading →

Review: Jane Green – The Love Verb

Well I’ve now realised why it’s a bad idea to use the back of the book to decide which book to read, as the major ‘surprise’ plot point was given away on the back of the book, even though I… Continue Reading →

Review: John Grisham – Calico Joe

When I saw this book on the book people, I was intrigued. I knew that Grisham was more of a legal writer – I know my dad had read a lot of his books. But the description said that it… Continue Reading →

Review: James Corden – May I Have Your Attention, Please?

I do love reading a good autobiography, getting a glimpse into someone’s life is always pretty cool, and for someone as funny as James Corden, I knew I was in for a treat. I was expecting to be laughing the… Continue Reading →

Review: Frances Hodgson Burnett – The Secret Garden

This is a book that I started many times when I was younger and staying at my uncles house, but I was never there long enough to finish it and there was always something more exciting to do. So I… Continue Reading →

Review: Kristin Cashore – Graceling

My best friend Abi bought me this book for my birthday with the promise that I’d love it. She’s really into Fantasy books, and I’m always looking to discover genres that I’ve never tried before, so I was looking forward… Continue Reading →

Review: Nicola May – Working it Out

Well as much as I hate to confess it, this is another Kindle book, read on my iPad. After being forced into reading the Aurora Teagarden books on my iPad, I downloaded a few more books to see if I… Continue Reading →

Review: Charlaine Harris – Poppy Done to Death

Finally the last book in this 8 book series. I’ve got mixed feelings over it ending, because although I’ve really enjoyed the series and I quite like the main character, I can tell that it’s not Harris’ best writing, and… Continue Reading →

Review: Charlaine Harris – Last Scene Alive

This book starts off a few months after the end of the last one, with Aurora still grieving the massive loss at the end of the last book. She decides that she has had enough of living her life under… Continue Reading →

Review: Charlaine Harris – A Fool and His Honey

I had two very conflicting reactions to this book. The story was fast paced and thrilling and wouldn’t let me stop reading until I had finished. It’s the quickest I’ve read a book in a long time. But then there… Continue Reading →

Review: John O’Farrell – The Man Who Forgot His Wife

When I decided to read this book, I thought it was going to be quite a serious book about the effects of memory loss, but it was anything but serious. Vaughan finds himself on a tube with no idea who… Continue Reading →

Review: Hillary Jordan – When She Woke

I know I’ve probably said this before a million times, but I am a sucker for a nice looking book. When I was walking around the Waterstones in Kendal (yes, I did drive all the way to the Lake District… Continue Reading →

Review: Charlaine Harris – Dead Over Heels

Well this is the first book I’ve ever read in digital instead of as an actual physical book, and it’s totally put me off buying a kindle. The actual book was going to cost £30, but the kindle version was… Continue Reading →

Review: Nicholas Sparks – The Best of Me

I usually look forward to Nicholas Sparks books, but this one left me feeling a bit disappointed. The book was about 300 pages long, but I didn’t actually start to enjoy the story until more than 150 pages through. I… Continue Reading →

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