Book Bingo 2018

This year’s challenge (as well as a lofty but achievable target of 60 books this year) is to tick off all the boxes in my self-created Book Bingo! It’s mainly a challenge to get me to branch out a bit with the books I’m reading, and to read some of the books on my shelf that have been sitting around a while…

If you want to join in, leave me a comment below so I can see how you’re getting on (hopefully you won’t be able to shout BINGO before I do!)

P.S. You’re only allowed to use each book once, so plan carefully!

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  1. A childhood favourite
  2. Has been translated from a different language (Antoine Leiris – You Will Not Have My Hate)
  3. A book set at Christmas
  4. An (auto)biography: (Andrea Gonzales & Sophie House – Girl Code)
  5. Colour-edged pages: (Karen McManus – One of us is Lying)
  6. A play
  7. A graphic novel
  8. Set in a foreign country
  9. Recommended by a close friend
  10. A one-word title
  11. Mentioned on the Gilmore Girls
  12. Has an animal in the title
  13. Has the word ‘Love’ in the title
  14. Has the word ‘Hate’ in the title
  15. A new (to you) trilogy (Jeff VanderMeer – Annihilation)
  16. Written before 1800
  17. A number in the title: (Emily Barr – The One Memory of Flora Banks)
  18. Re-read a favourite
  19. A Goodreads Choice Award 2017 winner
  20. A new book by a favourite author
  21. Less than 100 pages long
  22. More than 700 pages long
  23. Written under a pseudonym
  24. A book set before 1700
  25. Has been made into a film: (Jeanne Ryan – Nerve)
  26. A purple cover
  27. Has been unread on your shelf for over 5 years
  28. Was bought as a present
  29. Has food in the title
  30. A travel book
  31. Non fiction
  32. A springtime book
  33. A summer book
  34. An autumn book
  35. Shakespeare
  36. A Costa book award winner: (Katherine Rundell – The Explorer)