I gave up on posting game recaps when the White Sox gave up on winning, but I had to write a post about Brent Lillibridge in last night’s game against the Yankees.

Last night’s game didn’t start until midnight UK time, so I only made it until the 5th inning before I fell asleep, but I saw the highlights (and the tweets) this morning. Brent Lillibridge made two amazing catches last night in the bottom of the ninth, to save the game and get Gavin Floyd the win.

The first one was fantastic, but the second one was unbelievable. Three things I have to mention:

  1. Hawk Harrelson gets really excited. People don’t like him but he’s one of the best play-by-play guys I’ve heard.
  2. Lillibridge’s face as he made the first catch was awesome. I don’t think he expected to catch it.
  3. Derek Jeter came past home plate (obviously expecting he would score and win the game) and just mouthed ‘Wow’ to the home plate umpire. High praise indeed.


If you want to watch, check out the video on the MLB site:

His postgame tweet was brilliantly understated – I would have been celebrating way more.!/BSLillibridge/status/63083850313646080

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone!

It’s hard to pick one quote to sum up the sacrifice that was made for us, but this is what I was reading this morning:

John 21:29
Then Jesus told him, ‘Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.’

I also wanted to share a picture of the present my Uncle Alan brought me back from his holiday, hand carved in Costa Rica.


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20110416-040535 (1)

Good luck to Frank!

My brother passed his aptitude test for entry into the RAF last week, with flying colours apparently – who knew he was so brainy?! He had an interview today, and if he gets through that stage, he then has to go through a medical and a physical test. We’ve all got all our fingers crossed for him that he gets through – we can all remember back to when he was younger and all he wanted to do was to be in the armed forces.

Here’s a couple of pictures of him in his suit – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so smart!

2011_0409_175904aa 2011_0409_180025aa


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I was given this book by a neighbour as part of World Book Night 2011. It looks quite good – and who can say no to free books?!


New Camera

I caved and bought a new camera today, deciding on the Canon EOS 500D. I had read lots of reviews online and this one sounded good, and after going down to PC World to look at them, I decided on this one. I’ve not taken many pictures yet, I’m going out tomorrow to give it a test run. I did get a picture of the flowers that Vicky bought my Mum for Mother’s Day which I quite like.


The Dragonfly

It was my Aunty Marjorie’s funeral today, and although the service was short, it was beautiful. The vicar told a story about water beetles, which I thought was a lovely way to describe death. We already know that God has promised us eternal life, and this was a great way to interpret that.

“There was once a community of water beetles living in a little pond underneath the lily pads. Every once in a while, sadness would come to the group, when one of the water beetles would climb the stem of a lily pad and disappear above the water. The group knew that when this happened, their friend was not coming back.

When this had happened a few times, they made a promise that the next beetle that went up the stem would come back down and tell the others what was above the water.

The next time that a beetle started climbing up the stem, his friends reminded him of his promise to come back. When he reached the top of the stem and climbed out of the water and on to the top of the lily pad, the sun was so warm that he fell asleep.

As he slept, his body changed into a beautiful blue dragonfly.

When he woke up, he remembered his promise to his friends to go back down to them, but his new body would not let him below the water, no matter how much he wanted to go back. At this point he realised why none of his previous friends had come back to them, and that eventually, his friends below the water would make the journey up the stem to join him.”dragonfly-and-water-lily_edited-2-e1301951375644

Mother’s Day

First of all – Happy Mother’s Day to the best mum in the world! 😀

I took my mum for a walk around Golden Acre Park this morning. The weather was so sunny, I could have stayed sat on the bench overlooking the lake all morning. When we got there it wasn’t too busy, I think a lot of people were still in bed, but it was very busy by the time we left at 11.

I have always loved Golden Acre, we used to go there a lot with my Granny when we were younger. It didn’t always have a proper path around it, so it used to get a lot muddier! Although I did almost fall flat on my face trying to get close to some daffodils that were in a spot of sunshine – I decided not to go any further!

I took my camera with me, but didn’t get very many pictures. My favourite picture was the one I took of my mum. She looks very happy – probably because her favourite daughter ordered her some flowers that got delivered this morning (at 7.45 – thanks Vicky!).


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Okay, now you have finished singing Christmas songs in your head (!), I don’t mean Christmas, I mean Opening Day, and how brilliant was it?!

I have to admit I was pretty nervous about whether there would even be baseball at Progressive Field, with all the snow in Cleveland. There was still 8-10 inches of snow on the field the day before ,but the grounds crew did a wonderful job of getting it cleared and ready for the game.

The game time temperature was a chilly 6 degrees, which can’t have been much fun, especially for Mark Buehrle trying to keep his arm warm while the team were bashing out runs left, right and centre!

The first half of the game was great for the White Sox, runs after runs. I was pleased that Adam Dunn did well, including a two run homer. There have been a lot of people saying that it was a mistake to trade for him, but I think he is going to prove his worth. He hasn’t historically had a good record against Fausto, but then again, he hasn’t been in the American League before either.

I was a bit disappointed with out bullpen though. We went from 14-0 to 15-10 in the last four innings. I was most disappointed with Will Ohman, he just looked like he was struggling. Jesse Crain gave up a run, but he looked like he had the passion last night, which is just what we needed to close out a great opening day.

I did like that Ozzie switched out a few position players half way through the game too. It was nice for the guys to get a taste of the opening day excitement. I hope it doesn’t happen all the time though, because I like having Gordon at second and Carlos in right.

I think my greatest investment this year will be the that I bought for myself for Christmas. I’ve always only been able to watch a few White Sox games a year, but now I can watch every single one! If I miss a game, I can even watch it the next day, which has never been possible on my iPhone or iPad before. The only thing that annoyed me last night was that my dad was watching the Indians feed at the other side of the room, and his was about 4 pitches ahead of mine, so I could see his reactions before anything happened. If that carries on throughout the season, I may have to stop watching in the living room!


The award for best spring training tweet goes to…

Jim Margalus. Ozzie and Kenny decided to take both guys rather than some freaky mash-up, but it really made me laugh!!/JimMargalus/status/51476034423488512