Review: Charlaine Harris – Dead Over Heels

dead-over-heels-charlaine-harrisWell this is the first book I’ve ever read in digital instead of as an actual physical book, and it’s totally put me off buying a kindle. The actual book was going to cost £30, but the kindle version was only £9.99, so I bought it on kindle and read it on my phone/iPad. Yes, it was quite convenient because I always had my book with me, and yes, my bag was a lot lighter without carrying a book around all the time, and yes, it gave me something to do all the times I was sat waiting in my car. BUT, the experience of reading a book just isn’t the same when you don’t have an actual book. I love the feel and smell of a book, and I love being able to easily tell how far through the book I am. Location 3097 of 13807 means absolutely nothing to me, thank you kindle.

Anyway, enough of my book-obsessed ramblings and on to the book. Unfortunately, for the second book in a row by one of my favourite authors, I was disappointed again. Harris seems to have a tendency to repeat what’s happened in the previous books over and over again in subsequent books, especially near the start. The first couple of chapters always seem to be a reintroduction to Aurora and her family. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when I’m reading a series of books, I tend to know what I’ve just read, so this gets a bit tedious.

This book (the 5th in the series), starts off with a body falling from a plane and landing in Aurora’s garden. Now most people might be extremely freaked out about this, but Aurora seems to take it in her stride, and after other odd attacks start happening (including on her friends), she obviously ends up starting her own little investigation. The middle part of the book did get quite interesting, but it wasn’t as good as the first omnibus that I read earlier this year. Not good enough to make me want to read the next one straight away, I’ve got something more exciting lined up.


Review: Nicholas Sparks – The Best of Me

the-best-of-me-nicholas-sparksI usually look forward to Nicholas Sparks books, but this one left me feeling a bit disappointed. The book was about 300 pages long, but I didn’t actually start to enjoy the story until more than 150 pages through. I would have stopped reading but I hate stopping a book half way through, instead it just took me a long time to read it.

I’m not sure why I didn’t get along with it like I usually do, maybe it was because the two main characters in the story were a lot older, or maybe it was because there was too much backstory needed to set up the story. It just didn’t feel like it ‘got going’ until way too late in the book.

That being said, once I’d got past what felt like a huge introduction, the last part of the book was very good. It wasn’t what I would call a typical Sparks book. Usually the two characters have difficulties throughout the book and end up happily ever after, but in this book, it was kind of the opposite, with a sad but also heartwarming ending in which he becomes a part of her family in a way that you would not have expected.

I hate to do this for a Nicholas Sparks book because I usually really enjoy them, but I think this one only gets 2/5 for me.