Now Reading: Nicholas Sparks – The Lucky One

the-lucky-one-nicholas-sparks-e1336408994993It’s no secret that I love Nicholas Sparks, I don’t think I’ve ever read one of his books that I didn’t like. Although I said that about Charlaine Harris and I’ve been disappointed with the last books I’ve read. This is one of the few Nicholas Sparks books that I’ve not read yet, and when I saw a trailer for it at the cinema I knew I needed to read the book before I go see the film.

The only bad thing about buying a book so close to the film coming out is that it is hard to find one with a nice cover. Instead, I’ve had to settle for one with Zac Efron and generic blonde woman (whatever her name is). I am a sucker for a book with a nice cover, but it’s whats on the inside that counts, so lets hope the book is good! Then I can drag Cameron to see the film with me (or at least I can try)! 🙂

Review: Charlaine Harris – The Julius House (Aurora Teagarden #4)

charlaine-harris-aurora-teagarden-e1335464844842Usually in a series the books get better and better, but unfortunately with this one the opposite seems to be true. Up until more than half way through this book, I was actually finding it very boring.

For a start (and this may sound rather harsh), no-one died. For a murder mystery, you usually expect a bit of excitement at the start. Instead, we listen to half a book of plans for the wedding and having the new house renovated, most of which was not really book-worthy. There was the mysterious appearance of two of her fiancé’s friends, but that’s not too exciting (at least at the start).

Then when we get half way through the book we finally get to the wedding, and it seems like Harris just decided she couldn’t be bothered to write about it, as the entire wedding and honeymoon was detailed in less than two pages. For a book that has spent 100+ pages in the build up to the wedding, I found this very disappointing.

The book wasn’t all bad though, and after the non-wedding, the excitement starts building up as Aurora starts looking for the family that mysteriously went missing 7 years ago from the house she just bought. There’s drama at the end as Aurora once again makes the stupid mistake of entering the house of a murderer alone and you can guess what happens then!

I was definitely hoping for a better book than this, and it did leave me feeling a bit like I’d not read anything worthwhile. That’s the end of the omnibus for now, until I decide to buy the second part. Rather than being impatient to carry on reading the series, I’m actually glad to be having a bit of a break from it, which is not my usual impression of Charlaine Harris.