Chester Zoo

Yesterday I went on a day trip to Chester Zoo with my dad and brother. It’s a lot of walking so we booked an electric scooter for my dad, which he had a lot of fun using – especially when he turned the speed up to max to get away from us. The weather stayed really nice all day (I think I sunburnt my nose), and we all had lots of fun. I thought it might have been quieter with half term being over, but it was really busy – lots and lots of kids.

My favourite animals were definitely the Giraffes. So graceful and very pretty faces, and you could get really close to them compared to some of the other animals. A lot of the animals were just laying around enjoying the sun, in particular the lions and cheetahs, which I would have expected to move around a lot more.

My least favourite were the bats. You can walk right through the bat house at Chester Zoo, and they fly really close to you, which really creeped me out, especially as it’s so dark that you can’t really see them. One landed on my dad’s scooter, but he didn’t mind. In fact, him and Frank stayed in the bat house long after I had escaped!





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  1. Maggie

    Lou…the big cats won’t move much in the daytime as they tend to sleep then…like their little sister Jessica…sleeps all day and kills evenings and nights!

    • That does make sense, although it did just make them look lazy – at least they were enjoying the sun! I guess you are glad Jessica doesn’t bring you lion size presents!

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