Modern Day Lords Prayer

God in heaven, you’re our Dad.
We respect everything you stand for,
We want others to.
Please bring heaven on earth.
People living life your way, like the angels do.
Please bring us what we need to keep us going each day.
Please acquit us, as we cancel our grievances and throw them all away.
Please pull us back from the edge of evil,
If we’re falling or being thrown,
Cos you’re all that matters,
You’re able to do it and you’re to take the credit.
You’re on your own.
It’s your throne.
Taken from The Word on The Street by Rob Lacey
This is an amazingly written interpretation of the bible, written in modern language, and reads a lot like a novel. A brilliant read, and all the more amazing by the fact that it was written while Rob Lacey was battling cancer. Sadly he lost the battle after he wrote the follow-up book – The Liberator.


New Car!


John 3:16


  1. Dylan

    Your a true christian 😀
    i love ur pray

  2. Saffron

    i like your pray its a lot different <3 to the new one

  3. Dylan

    to rob.
    ur pray is diffrent <3 😀 but its classic

  4. luke

    to rob
    we have a song of the lords pray and it is very different to yours

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